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Some incorporation services offer their customers a lot of startup paperwork, ridiculous surcharges, and not much else. Of course, we would never mention LegalZoom by name ( . . . oops!)

Incorporating is only one small step in starting and building a business. Running a venture is a process. OlyverApp walks you through it so you can stay compliant without wasting time and money.

A Few of the Reasons Why OlvyerApp is Better
  • 1. We don't nickel and dime.

    Some incorporation services charge $70.00 to get a federal taxpayer ID number for your business. They assume you have no idea what this is or that you can get one directly from the IRS for free and in about 2 minutes. And don't even get us started on services that charge $180.00 a year to be a registered agent . . .
  • 2. Starting Up? Cover your bases without wasting time.

    Providing an entreprener with reams of indecipherable and unnecessary documents makes a mess, not a compliant business. OlyverApp takes you step-by-step through the startup process. Create cap tables, fill required management positions, notice meetings and keep minutes, it's all in there. And we move through it fast, so your covered without wasting time.
  • 3. Growth and management made easy.

    Managing a compliant business takes a lot more than filing a Certificate of Incorporation and putting a bunch of paperwork in a file cabinet. You have ongoing obligations. OlyverApp takes you through the entire process, like annual reporting and meeting minutes, adding and removing shareholders, name changes, and much more.
  • 4. OlyverApp makes working with lawyers easier and less expensive.

    Bad news: Businesses still need lawyers from time to time. OlyverApp streamlines interactions with counsel so you're not wasting time and money on consultations. Share information and request services directly from our platform and get what you need from your attorney faster and for less.

OlyverApp does not provide legal, accounting, or other professional services.

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