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Five Things You Should Know About OlyverApp

Hey! It's our platform and our blog, so don't blame us if we want to engage in a little shameless self-promotion. And if you're using or thinking about subscribing to OlyverApp, these are things you really should know. So now, five important things about our favorite subject . . . ourselves!

  • OlyverApp is not a replacement for lawyers. A lot of our marketing touts OlyverApp as a low cost alternative to attorneys. And in many respects it is. The legal industry is little more than a glorified, protectionist trade guild that defines the practice of law as broadly as possible so lawyers can maintain a monopoly on providing certain services. Attorneys then charge far more than the actual value of those services; fees are so high that some 80% of Americans can't afford representation for routine civil matters. But nothing OlyverApp does constitutes the practice of law. You don't need a guy in an expensive suit sitting behind a mahogany desk to form an LLC. But if your business is sued, you're interested in an IPO, or need to declare bankruptcy, you do need a good lawyer.
  • OlyverApp can make working with attorneys easier and more cost-effective. It's often difficult for entrepreneurs to appreciate where lawyers add value. Sometimes they don't, and OlyverApp provides a low-cost, equally effective alternative for services that don't require legal expertise. A lot of attorney billables - phone calls, consultations, information sessions - are for counsel to familiarize herself with the venture and the issues surrounding a particular matter. By using OlyverApp to organize and maintain business information and documents and make them readily accessible through our secure portal, your lawyer shouldn't have to spend as much time getting up to speed. If you've been doing your homework through the life-cycle of your venture, counsel has a lot of what he needs to represent you from the moment he's retained. So OlyverApp doesn't replace attorneys, but it can streamline working with them.
  • We let you focus on the fun aspects of running your business. The vast majority of sane, socially well-adjusted entrepreneurs have zero interest in things like website terms of service, corporate bylaws, and nondisclosure agreements. You know instinctively you need them the same way you recognize you have to go to the dentist every so often; at least at the dentist you have a shot at getting some decent drugs. OlyverApp takes you through the process of building the vitally important albeit painfully boring parts of your business infrastructure quickly and inexpensively so you can focus on the things about which you're passionate.
  • You'll sleep better at night with OlyverApp. No, we won't sing you a lullaby. But we recognize that the vast majority of entrepreneurs lack formal business training (no matter how well-educated or street-smart they might otherwise be). Owners often lose a lot of sleep worrying that they've missed something crucial and then call a lawyer panicked and convinced that the worst is going to happen. OlyverApp takes entrepreneurs through each step of the business development process so you know you're covered. You'll be better rested and more focused. Or, if you're not better rested and more focused, at least it won't be because of anything business-related. Maybe switch to decaf?
  • There's a reason we don't take ourselves too seriously. Entrepreneurship is hard and the learning curve steep. There are numerous hurdles. You have to be willing to work tirelessly and accept criticism and rejection. It's important to remember that your business successes and failures are not a referendum on you personally. Sometimes good, hard-working, well-intending entrepreneurs fail while lazy jerks get all the glory. We know. We're entrepreneurs. We're going through the same struggles building and marketing OlyverApp. A little humor (and a lot of snark) go a long way toward helping us maintain our sanity. It lets us overcome the setbacks and keep the successes in perspective. Hopefully it will do the same for you.
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