Not Sure Where to Start?

OlyverApp's business building process gives you all the information and management tools you need. And we handle the paperwork!

Get Organized! Manage your business from one dashboard.

Take Control! Tie up the loose ends and avoid surprises.

Stay Focused! Concentrate on what's important to you. We'll do the grunt work.

Startup Process

Get started and fully compliant without wasting time or money.

Step 1: Corporations and LLCs

Registering a corporation or LLC is just the beginning. We'll show you how to manage it. Get bylaws and operating agreements, cap tables, meeting notices, minutes, and more. Use OlyverApp for D/B/A's, registered agents, and foreign registrations. We handle the paperwork!

Step 2: Web Presence

Website TOS are a powerful way to protect your business from various risks and comply with an ever-growing body of internet privacy rules.

Step 3: Intellectual Property

Identify and protect valuable intellectual property.

Step 4: Trademarks and Branding

Keep anyone else from using your logos, mottos, and brand identifiers.

Step 5: Contracts

Get basic business contracts.

Step 6: Raise Money

Securely share information with potential investors.


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