Overwhelmed? Don't Be!

Never learned how to run a business? No problem. We'll show you the ropes, get you compliant, and let you focus on following your passion.

You want a bunch of paperwork? Try LegalZoom. You want a step-by-step guide to business management with an eye toward attracting investors? That's what we do.

Use OlyverApp to streamline working with your attorney and make sure she's adding value to your business.

OlyverApp helps you manage the chaos of entrepreneurship by keeping you organized and compliant. You focus on growing your business.

About OlyverApp

Entrepreneurships is a journey. OlyverApp is your guide.

Step 1: Create a Venture

We'll create a venture on OlyverApp so you stay organized

Step 2: Corporations and LLCs

You'll run your business through entities like corporations and LLCs. We'll register new and add existing ones and make sure you manage them properly.

Step 3: Website Terms of Service

You'll get terms of service to protect your venture from claims and stay compliant with an ever-growing body of laws and regulations.

Step 4: Intellectual Property Protection

Inventory and protect your intellectual property.

Step 5: Brand Indentifiers

Apply for trademarks, manage pending applications, keep existing registrations active.

Step 6: Contracts

Get basic business contracts like nondisclosure agreements.

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