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Why Entrepreneurs Don't Like Attorneys

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There are lots of reasons not to like lawyers. Entrepreneurs have plenty of their own. There's not enough internet bandwidth to list them all, so here are five big pet peeves of business owners.

  1. They don't add value. In most cases customers can clearly identify when a service provider has added value. If your car has a flat tire and you pay $100.00 for a new one, the fact that you’re driving again and not sitting on the expressway shoulder dodging dozing truck drivers is all the proof you need that you got your money’s worth. Lawyers do a lot of talking and may give you a lot of documents but entrepreneurs rarely know whether that work product has any value (or, in fact, involved actual work). OlyverApp takes you through the management process so you know where lawyers really add value.

  2. They act like they are the masters of some powerful, secret lore only they understand. Some attorneys still think only they truly know what the law is and how it works. And if your soon-to-be-ex-husband is walking out the door with your children, your dog, the urn containing your mother’s ashes, and all your money, a good lawyer is the best friend you can have. But if you’re an entrepreneur and have some basic questions about corporations or trademarks or contracts, don’t sojourn to the 40th floor of a Midtown Manhattan office tower like the ancient Greeks sought out the Oracle of Delphi. You can find those answers yourself on OlyverApp, from the comfort of your own living room and, if you’re so inclined, wearing only your underwear. Or someone else’s. We really don’t care.

  3. They always say “it depends”. On a good day, getting a straight answer from a lawyer to the simplest of questions is slightly easier than getting a clear picture from your teenager why she was pulled over by the police in your (very expensive) car at 2:30 a.m. after sneaking out of her bedroom window. And on a school night! Some things are pretty simple. OlyverApp keeps them that way.

  4. He keeps referring to Matlock. Matlock is an old TV show about a lawyer who never lost a case. If you’re under the age of 50, you’ve probably never heard of it. Consider yourself lucky; it wasn’t much of a show. More importantly, it means the lawyer may be out of touch or unable to relate to entrepreneurs in today’s internet-based gig economy. OlyverApp was created for today’s small business owners. Coincidentally, if any lawyer ever mentions Raymond Burr, run!

  5. I can never get her to call me back. The number one reason clients complain about their attorneys is a lack of communication. Lawyers tend to work on their own schedules, not yours. So if you have a quick question or need something right away, you may not get it. This is usually just a mere annoyance, but it can be a much bigger problem if . . . say . . . they’re strapping you into the electric chair. Using OlyverApp means not having to wait to get most of your questions answered and work done.

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