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Five Things Entrepreneurs Want (that OlyverApp Provides!)

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Entrepreneurs are constantly told what they need by lawyers, accountants, coaches, mentors, their mothers, etc. But it seems like nobody's listening when business owners say what they want.

We hear you. We're entrepreneurs, too, and we're still in the trenches plugging away. So here are 5 things entrepreneurs want (and why they turn to OlyverApp to get it).

We're entrepreneurs, too, and we're still in the trenches plugging away.

YOU WANT . . . YOU MEAN . . .
. . . the routine stuff handled quickly and inexpensively. You're an entrepreneur because you want to bring a great idea to life, not get bogged down in paperwork. You know you need to incorporate, get contracts and website terms of service, register trademarks, and the rest. The faster and cheaper it's done, the better.
. . . help making the 'right' decisions. Your B.A. in Philosophy from Princeton is impressive, but it didn't prepare you for the business world. Entrepreneurs have decisions to make and they want to know what's what without a lot of noise. Sometimes it's nice to get a simple explanation of a basic concept without spending $1,000/hr. in legal fees for a lecture.
. . . to sleep at night. Stop staring at the ceiling all night convinced you're missing something. Using our process to build and manage your business means no loose ends. You can focus on product/service development and sales during the day and sleep well at night knowing you're running your venture 'the right way'.
. . . to only pay lawyers for legal services. Attorneys only add value when they're providing legal services. Don't pay over $1,000+/hr. for someone in an expensive suit to sit at a mahogany desk and fill out forms or do other grunt work. (You can invite your counsel to your OlyverApp account so she's there when (and only when) you need her.)
. . . to become a more confident, knowledgeable entrepreneur. Investors don't put money behind ideas. They fund people. You need confidence because when you pitch to investors you're selling yourself. Show that you can be a good steward of investor money.

The Takeaway. Who's looking out for you? OlyverApp, that's who. Because we've been there, in the trenches, toiling away. We use our experience to enhance yours.

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