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Five Ways Some Incorporation Services Overcharge

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Some incorporation services have ridiculous upcharges. That's not us. OlyverApp isn't going to do half the job then charge you more to finish it. Even if you don't believe that OlyverApp is amazing (what's the matter with you?), here are five ways other services offer too little for (way) too much.

OlyverApp isn't going to do half the job then charge you more to finish it.

We'll incorporate your business or register your LLC. And that's it. Paying a service to form a corporation or LLC is a waste. You can do it yourself and pay only the filing fee on most state government websites. It's better to pay for a service that lets you quickly and seamlessly create a fully compliant business infrastructure. That includes cap tables, bylaws, operating agreements, meeting notices, minutes, registering to do business in other states, assumed names, report filings, etc. Staying compliant with laws and best practices is a key to attracting investors.
We'll get your EIN! For as much as $180.00! That's insane. You can get SEVEN MONTHS of every feature on OlyverApp for that. Applying for and receiving an Employer Identification Number on the IRS website for free takes about five minutes. Never pay an upcharge for an EIN.
We'll be your registered agent! For $140.00+ per year. To sit around and wait for your company to be sued. If an owner won't act as registered agent, use a lower-cost provider (like the ones we use).
We'll register your trademark. LegalZoom charges $699.00 plus the USPTO filing fee for a trademark application. We include them in your monthly subscription. Because providing you with basic information about what trademarks are and how they work - which you can get pretty much anywhere - and then filling out a form isn't exactly a premium service. If you're going to spend that kind of money, use OlyverApp for no additional charge, spend the money on a lawyer, then invite the attorney to OlyverApp (also for no additional charge) to streamline the process.
We'll do literally anything. LegalZoom also offers family law, wills and estates, personal real estate transactions . . . and pretty much anything that sounds like an attorney does it. We do one thing - helping entrepreneurs create compliant businesses positioned to raise money - and our focus on entrepreneurs means we do it better than anyone else.
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